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Welcome to our lives in Incheon, South Korea! We are Mike, Stephanie, Micah (13), Corban (11), Chloe (9), Phoebe (7), and Jedidiah (6).

Monday, June 3, 2013

A Glance Back

It is amazing how much they grow from year to year...

2009: Phoebe 3, Micah 9, Chloe 5, Jed 2, Corban 7

2010: Corban 8, Micah 10, Jed 3, Chloe 6, Phoebe 4

2011: Phoebe 5, Corban 9, Jed 4, Micah 11, Chloe 7

2012: Micah 12, Corban 10, Jed 5, Phoebe 6, Chloe 8

2013: Micah 13, Phoebe 7, Chloe 9, Corban 11, Jed 6

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

     I think the thing for which I am most thankful,

aside of course from the obvious (my salvation, my family, my church),

 is for God putting me in a place where I found out what REAL faith is.

Not that living in South Korea has been too terribly difficult,

but living in a different country,
somewhere where everything was unfamiliar to me,
somewhere away from my family and friends, and somewhere out of the norm
(I am definitely an "inside the box" type person).


I am looking forward to another exciting year in which God shows Himself to me.

Christmas Picture 2012

Merry Christmas from the Genger Family

Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Precious!

I can still hear those

         as if it were yesterday,

         "You're having a girl!"

I really wanted another little girl!

Boys are wonderful, too,

but there is just something special about a little girl!

Chloe would now have a sister,

a playmate, 

                                                                                     a best friend…

Daddy chose your first name-- I chose your middle--

Then we decorated your room just for you,

complete with a closet full of beautiful dresses
we had handpicked with you in mind.

We thought the day would never arrive!
(Especially since you were born four days past your "due" date!)

And, then, you came…August 17, 2005…
weighing in at a healthy 9 pounds+

You were full of life and spirit!
(This hasn't changed at all, by the way!)

Learning to read…not enjoying it 
 Bowling...a strike!

Eating a cheesestick

Cutting the head off of a cuttlefish

On a Merry-Go-Round

Playing in the water

Building a sandcastle
Loving the paddleboat
Learning about Korean History
Participating in a water war
Shooting the photographer

Riding an amusement park ride

Thank you so much, Lord,
for giving us this child to love
and to love us!

Happy Birthday, Phoebe Grace!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Princess!

From the very beginning we knew.

We knew you were special.

You were our first little girl.

You were born on our 10th wedding anniversary.

You put your heart into everything you do.

You love the Korean people, and they love you.

You love to share the love of Jesus with people, especially those God has given us.

You are a wonderful sister with a heart of gold.

And you grow more special to us every day!

Happy 9th Birthday, Chloe Bianca!